Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tinkerbell's Magic Sales Dust

So I've been working on getting a lot of bottlecap clippies done.  They seem to be a quick seller - mainly because they are somewhat different from the average clippie.  The sets are especially fun to create.

Anyways, I posted several new listings in my Etsy shop yesterday and today....quite a few of which were Tinkerbell clippies.  I love Tink!  I am hoping some sweet little girls get these clippies and fall in love with them and wear them until they fall apart!  :)

Not only do I want to sell them...I NEED to sell them!  I am at that point where I have more supplies than profit, and I need to clear out some of these things so I can buy more supplies and make more things!  So, I'm hoping that Tinkerbell will sprinkle some magic sales dust all over me (and my Etsy friends)....we'd all like to sell bunches, right?!?!

Here are some pics of my recent clippies - just for fun!  Check out my shop for these and more!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is a friend? defines a friend as "a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard."  Often, we differentiate between friends and acquaintances, and sometimes rightly so.  We usually think of our friends as those who we are close to...those we have things in common with....those we spend time with.

I am blessed to have lots of people who I consider to be my friends.  I know that there are innumerable people I could call at any moment to help me in any way possible.  I have friends from high school, friends from college, and friends from work and church.  I have friends I have met through other places.  God has truly blessed me.

One thing I have learned in the last month or so, though, is that you don't have to have "met" someone to consider them friends.  I used to be a part of the Swapmamas site.  There I met one of the sweetest people, and we just clicked.  We now keep in touch via text and Facebook, even though we've never met.  I also have lots of friends through Etsy.  I had a rough month or so, and I was MIA from most of the events there...I couldn't tell you how many people sent me messages and emailed just to make sure I was ok.  I have Etsy friends on Facebook, through email, and through the site, and so many of them just wanted to check on me.  I won't try to name names, but you know who you are, and I appreciate you!  I have some pretty amazing friends, even if I've never met them and may not even know their real names!  :-)

This week, I was finally able to get back in gear and try to do some catching up on Etsy.  (Yep, check out my shop for new listings!!)  I got the sweetest, warmest welcome!  It was nice to see that so many were genuinely concerned and cared!

So, that's why I decided to blog about my friends...because God has blessed me with SO many of them from all different walks of life, and I wanted each and every one to know how much I love and appreciate them!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flip Flop Fever

Emmalynn wanted a project to do with Elemenopie Designs, so we got her started on making ribbon flip flops.  They are pretty easy to make....they just take quite a bit of time because there are so many steps involved to ensure their stability!  But, guess how long her making them lasted?  1 pair.....but the orders kept coming in!

So, guess who took over?  ME!!  :D  Don't get me wrong....I am loving it!  I have had so much fun creating so many different pairs to customer's specifications.  My favorite so far has to be the zebra print wrapped pair....I am considering making my own to wear!  I also like the rainbow ones because they are so versatile for kids --- one pair goes with almost any outfit!

So, do you have your flip flops ready for summer?  I'll be glad when this rainy weather goes away and I can enjoy some sunshine!

Check out the pics below....send me a message at my Etsy shop or email me by Friday, and I'll give you a "blog day bonus" by taking $2.50 off each pair of flip flops you order!  Just mention that you read "Flip Flop Fever" today!

Zebra Wrapped Ribbon

Rainbow Tied Ribbon

University of Memphis themed Tied Ribbon

Red and White themed Tied Ribbon

Rainbow Peace Sign themed Tied Ribbon