Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flip Flop Fever

Emmalynn wanted a project to do with Elemenopie Designs, so we got her started on making ribbon flip flops.  They are pretty easy to make....they just take quite a bit of time because there are so many steps involved to ensure their stability!  But, guess how long her making them lasted?  1 pair.....but the orders kept coming in!

So, guess who took over?  ME!!  :D  Don't get me wrong....I am loving it!  I have had so much fun creating so many different pairs to customer's specifications.  My favorite so far has to be the zebra print wrapped pair....I am considering making my own to wear!  I also like the rainbow ones because they are so versatile for kids --- one pair goes with almost any outfit!

So, do you have your flip flops ready for summer?  I'll be glad when this rainy weather goes away and I can enjoy some sunshine!

Check out the pics below....send me a message at my Etsy shop or email me by Friday, and I'll give you a "blog day bonus" by taking $2.50 off each pair of flip flops you order!  Just mention that you read "Flip Flop Fever" today!

Zebra Wrapped Ribbon

Rainbow Tied Ribbon

University of Memphis themed Tied Ribbon

Red and White themed Tied Ribbon

Rainbow Peace Sign themed Tied Ribbon


  1. Ooh pretty! I love flip flops! Did you get some major storms last night, too?

  2. Those are so dang cute! Reminds me I need to get my toes ready to be exposed!

  3. aww how cute!!! great flip flops!!!

  4. I love the zebra ones! So adorable!

  5. Those are so cute! I love flip flop weather!

  6. those are so much fun!

  7. @everyone - thank you!

    @Elf - YES, crazy storms last night!!! So glad they are over for now!!

  8. Such cute flip flops! Just in time for summer :)